Reactive Cyan

Reactive Dyes

Highly Purified Liquid Reactive Dyes series:

Atexco is one of the leading suppliers, distributors and exporters of Liquid Reactive Dyes.


Market Needs

  • Market needs for improved liquid dyes performance at a competitive price
  • Simple to use, excellent open time and low maintenance
  • Fit to existing workflow
  • Meet brand and consumer expectations
  • Improved balance of color saturation
  • Improved color efficiency

 Dyes Application:

The liquid dyes are produced according to the formula specified by the customer or our technical team designs the liquid dyes formula according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Liquid Reactive dyes are applied for the dyeing and printing of 100% Cotton/Silk textiles
  • Pre-treat – commercial reactive per-treatment
  • Drying – air dry after print
  • Steaming conditions - 102°C, 10 minutes
  • Washing - 90°C + anionic detergent, 10 mins, cold water rinse, 5 mins